Hello, I'm Krissi and welcome to the Kalm Living website. Here are some questions for you ~

  • What would it take to create balance in your life?
  • How well do you feel you know yourself?
  • Are you living life to the fullest?
  • Have you ever heard of food for the 5 senses?
  • When was the last time you learnt a new life skill that works to create what you want in life?

In Ayurvedic Medicine, the Science of Life and Longevity from India, food is described as what you take in through your 5 senses. What we feed our mind, emotions, physical body and spiritual garden are crucial, as those aspects will determine what we create in our world. However, sometimes we need to explore our beliefs, thought processes and emotions a little deeper. This self study allows us to get to know ourselves honestly and what we truly want in life, unlocking and trusting that potential power within to create any result in any area of our lives. Honouring yourself, living your truth and giving back are some of the key ways to living a happy and nutritious life on all levels.

My wish is that Kalm Living becomes a source of inspiration and education, assisting you to take action and transform your life in the most productive and positive ways with confidence, courage and compassion. I'm here as your guide to show you how to develop life skills that last, one step at a time.