Spiral Journey Guided Meditation

Press play below now to hear a snippet of our 40 minute Spiral Journey guided meditation for inner peace and chakra healing. If you'd like to down load it for free, enter your details on the contact page and you'll be sent the link.

Namasté and enjoy!
Joules Productions (Spiral Journey)

Welcome to the Spiral Journey Meditation! 

Benefits of this guided meditation:

  • This meditation is designed for you to find inner peace, balance and experience deep relaxation
  • In a world where there is so much external stimulation in our busy lifestyles, it is vital to take some time to consciously turn our awareness inward and rest
  • Guidance through relaxation techniques creates a sense of stillness for your mind
  • Whilst listening to the melodic music, you can connect with your healing power, discovering the energy of your body and awakening your Chakra system
  • Everything is energy and according to ancient Sanskrit texts, there are seven main energy centres called chakras said to reside within the body
  • Each spinning wheel vibrates to a colour, a musical note, an earthly element, a physical body part and many other characteristics

Using this guided meditation:

  • When you do this meditation, you may notice feelings of happiness and love, and possibly other emotions will arise, so just ride the wave of energy moving through your body 
  • On a deeper level, complete well~being is possible through the power of the mind clearing any blockages in the body
  • Colour~healing through the chakra system creates inner peace, personal empowerment and a connection with nature, taking us back to our roots, to a sense of simply being 
  • It is ideal to do this meditation once a week to connect with your inner self, feel deep relaxation and balance your body~mind
  • To completely benefit, do not let anything distract you during this time. Before you begin you could drink some water, turn off all beeping devices and create a relaxing environment to gain the full effect of the journey
  • Perhaps light a candle or burn some incense and lie down on your back or sit in a comfortable position, with your spine straight and your eyes closed. 
  • You can also share this meditation with family and friends by setting up 'Journey' time and talk about your experiences afterwards over a cup of tea, which is a lovely way to connect with each other


Due to the relaxing nature of the meditation, do not use this audio whilst driving. We also recommend that you keep a journal of your experiences e.g. strong or soft colours, sounds, visions and feelings or emotions. These may change each time you do the meditation and you could begin to see patterns emerge from within. This could be valuable for your healing process and personal growth. We truly wish you a memorable experience.

Yours in vibrant health,

Krissi Elsley and Joules Productions

" I was introduced to Krissi's meditation back in 2006. At the time I didn't know the power behind the undertones, enjoyable music and the guided words. Since then, I have attended several courses over the years and I always come back to this meditation because of the multi layers. The journey unfolds to keep your active mind occupied, whilst the mediation supports relaxation and peace. When I started using it, I was working 12 hour days and creating a business in my spare time, I used the meditation over my lunchtime at work and it renewed my energy every single day - thank you.

If this meditation is the first meditation you have ever listened to, trust me, stick with it and don't waste your time going anywhere else, you have found the best! If you have recently come across this meditation, then again, I congratulate you, the journey is incredible, stick with it and enjoy it "
~ Phil Noble, UK