Yoga originated in India some 5,000 years ago. Yoga is enriched with a deep philosophy that assists people to break free of their habitual mind patterns, not just through the asanas (postures), but also through pranayamic breathing (controlled breathing) and the concentration that leads to meditation.

According to Sanskrit texts, (ancient scriptures from India), yoga means "to yoke" or "to unite". Yoga practice allows the union of the body, mind, heart and breath as one, through disciplined action. When practised in its true essence, yoga is a spiritual practice that allows us to discover our true nature.

There are many styles of yoga available to explore what suits you and I encourage you to take a few different classes to find out. I teach a style known as power yoga, having trained with Power Living Australia Yoga. It is a strong vinyasa (flowing) practice that creates physical challenges allowiing us to recognise our limiting mind patterns. While challenging, Power Yoga classes are designed to be delivered with fun and playfulness, thereby awakening your natural light and joy in your heart space. There is also a flowing energy through the earthly elements that brings calm to the body~mind. 

I also teach yin yoga, which is a beautiful balance to power (yang). Yin yoga is essentially a meditation class. As you hold poses performed mostly on the floor for around 5 minutes, you are able to relax the muscles, stretch out connective tissue and be in the process of meditation: observation and surrender. This allows the mind to become quiet and overall gives you an experience of silence, space and stillness.

The yoga classes I instruct are at various yoga studios around Brisbane. (Please see the Weekly Class Timetable page). Private lessons are also available.



Meditation is something unique for everyone. There are many different styles of meditation that have evolved over the centuries as it spread from the eastern cultures to the west. Some meditation styles are moving meditation, mindfulness meditation and transcendental meditation.

According to traditionally yogic philopsophies, meditation is about taking a seat with good posture, asana, hence the familiar image of the Buddha sitting cross legged with palms resting in his lap and eyes closed. To meditate is to practice concentrated focus on an object, sound, image, the breath, movement or attention itself to bring awareness into the present moment. It is now being proven scientifically that regular meditation offers many physiological and psychological benefits, including stress reduction, therefore promoting relaxation, better sleep, increased vitality, clarity of thought and spiritual and personal growth. When you understand how valuable the practise of meditation is, it becomes a no brainer to add it to your daily routine. Sometimes it can take time to get into the swing of it, but once you choose the style that works for you, it really is the best antidote to stress with many other benefits.

Yoga and mindfulness meditation compliment each other beautifully and you have the opportunity to experience both of these styles in my classes or private sessions.


Massage has been around for eons and is well-known for its powerful health improvements. People in our modern day are realising more and more the incredible value of receiving regular (monthly) therapeutic massages from qualified dedicated practitioners. Receiving massages is an integral part of maintaining optimal health; it is not simply a luxury. Think about how much money we spend on our cars, homes, clothes and entertainment, and investing in your health is probably the best investment you could make for long-term health and enjoyment of life

Listed below are some of the many overall health benefits. Book in and find out for yourself! 

* Stimulates blood supply to remove toxins from the muscles 

* Calms the nervous system to ease pain and discomfort

* Tones and relaxes muscles to improve joint mobility 

* Improves immune system function, circulation and digestion 

* Repairs tissues and eases stiffness and tension

* Rejuvenates and revitalises the body and mind

* Reduces pain and scar tissue from old injuries

* Increases energy levels and mental clarity

* Serious time out for you!

The bodywork treatment I offer is a holistic combination of eastern and western remedial massage and healing techniques, including energy and sound healing, working intuitively so that every treatment is individually tailored to each person for the areas that need it the most. By working through the layers of muscle and accepting the temporary discomfort, people can experience incredible healing when energy is released from the body~mind. All you have to do is be willing to go through and trust the healing process to bring yourself back into balance.

Well Being Education

Well~being is an on going event. Just as nature needs rain and sun light to sustain it and help it grow and flourish, human beings also need these wonderful resources from nature to maintain health and continue to thrive every day. There are so many choices to be made every day about what to  eat, drink and even think! 

It simply comes back to being an educated consumer. Nutrition, body awareness and lifestyle are areas we can all improve on to find that happy medium where we feel content and satisfied with where we are and where we're going. Awareness is the first step to change, so when we are aware of what we are consuming and also what we are doing through conscious choices, we empower ourselves to make the changes that support our health.

From my personal experience during the last 20 years in the wellness and personal development field, I truly believe we are what we think, consume and absorb.  This includes what we do and the company we keep. Change and growth are a natural part of life and we usually we feel great once we've gone through those growth spurts: progress through the process.

A few more questions for you to ponder...

  • Would it make a difference to learn some basic guidelines about general well~being that you can easily incorporate into your daily life?
  • Have you thought recently or for a while that you'd like to make changes in certain areas of your life, but not sure where to start? There is no time like NOW to take action!
  • Are you ready to transform your health on all levels?

All it takes is a decision and a phone call. My workshops and one~to~one sessions are interactive giving you insights and tools to take away and implement immediately into your daily life. Follow up coaching sessions are set up to keep you on track until those healthy habits you want for yourself and your life become the absolute norm.