" Kristyna's classes are easy to follow with a smooth yet challenging flow, with variations in poses for both the beginner and advanced. The mind and body never fails to leave invigorated yet calm."

~ Teck Han Wong, Brisbane, Australia

" I've been attending Kristyna's classes for almost twelve months now. I really love her attention to detail, her calm, light manner and the way she makes efforts to connect with everyone at the end of each class. Kristyna reminds me of the importance of connection with my breath during practise and this helps me to remember to breathe when I get stressed in my daily life. I especially enjoy Kristyna's guidance through the relaxation/shivasana part of the class. Her minimal cues are often just what I need to let go and get the most out of the final pose. "

~ Sally Waters, Brisbane, Australia

‘ Kristyna is a rare and talented yoga practitioner and among the best I have ever come across.  She places herself above other teachers by consistently delivering classes of a high standard.  They are always challenging, adventurist, and varied and I am always learning new aspects of yoga whether it be poses and sequences, mental attitudes and outlooks, body psychology and yoga philosophy.  It is clear that she is dedicated to providing ‘something more’ for her students and is always expanding her knowledge, which means I never feel like my yoga practice and abilities plateau. Despite the degree of challenge, the class is relaxing and soothing and I leave with a rebalanced nervous system, body and mind.’

~ Tara Berrie, Brisbane, Australia

“I’ve been doing Yoga classes with Kristyna since 2012 and love the benefits that it brings to my health.  I do have a healthy lifestyle with a mixed fitness regime, that includes a lot of running, but I also work in a sedentary office management role.  Practicing Yoga allows me to activate muscles that wouldn’t normally get used (even in the gym), to strengthen my core and to assist with my poor natural flexibility.  My running, general health, and posture are better for it.  Despite being 41 years old I find that I don’t suffer the same maladies that my peers suffer and I don’t seem to need the same ancillary medical treatments that they do such as Chiropractic and Physiotherapy.  Yoga allows me time to slow down and focus on how I’m feeling physically and to address any problems.


All of the postures that Kristyna takes us through can be tailored, by slight variations, to suit beginners or the more advanced and she explains the options in the class.  I often find sweat running down my face despite being in an air-conditioned room.  I’ve read many testimonies from elite athletes that have Yoga as part of their training program but not too many guys (males) have caught on yet.  It’s my secret to being healthy and I definitely notice the difference if I miss a class.”

~ Shaun Stewart, Brisbane, Australia


" Krissi, your relaxation meditation cd worked :) I bought an mp3 just to use at night with the relaxation and 3 nights in a row I have slept and not felt like there is a light turned on in my head preventing me from sleeping :) I'm getting more energy slowly back now :) I love your cd. You should make more :) My favourite part is the triangle dong which I can feel vibrate throughout my whole body, so relaxing :) "

~ Brigitte Pryor, Whyalla, Australia

" I was introduced to Krissi's meditation back in 2006. At the time I didn't know the power behind the undertones, enjoyable music and the guided words. Since then, I have attended several courses over the years and I always come back to this meditation becuase of the multi layers. The journey unfolds to keep your active mind occupied, whilst the mediation supports relaxation and peace. When I started using it, when I was working 12 hour days and creating a business in my spare time, I used the meditation over my lunchtime at work and it renewed my energy every single day - thank you.

If this meditation is the first meditation you have ever listened to, trust me, stick with it and don't waste your time going anywhere else, you have found the best! If you have recently come across this meditation, then again, I congratulate you, the journey is incredible, stick with it and enjoy it "
~ Phil Noble, UK


" Kristyna is an awesome, caring and intutive massage therapist.  I highly recommend her services for anyone with body pains or aches.  She really puts love and care into the work she does and the results show! " 

~ Bronwyn Rorke, Brisbane, Australia

" For years I have been looking for a massage therapist that I can really connect with and who was amazing at their job. I am blessed to have met someone so dedicated and passionate, not only to massage but in all areas of health and wellness. Not only does Kristyna make me feel comfortable and relaxed with her friendly and caring approach, she also spends time discussing ways I can heal my body further through all of her experience. As a Kinesiologist, I am always looking for therapists who are passionate about what they do whilst working from a space of love. Kristyna has given me some very powerful shifts with her massage technique both emotionally and physically. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, loving and caring practitioner that can clear deep issues gently and quickly on all levels! Thanks Kristyna, You're amazing! " 

~ Tara Shields, Byron Bay, Australia

“ For the past 5 years of having sports massage with Kristyna, I’ve found her invaluable to the enhancement and progression of my training and natural being.”

~ Leon Morell, Guildford, UK

“ Absolutely brilliant. Krissi was very calm and strong. The massage was very enjoyable and relaxing. However she was also very firm and tough so my muscles feel fantastic. It was the perfect 2 hours, she is a great masseuse. "

~ William T, London, UK

“ Wow! – What a phenomenal massage experience – I feel like a new man! It is amazing how having a really good massage makes me aware of the fact that I should have them more regularly :) Krissi has an amazing understanding of the body and used the right pressure throughout "

~ Damien S, London, UK


“ Dear Krissi, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for the quality of service that I received in your clinic last Tuesday 14th August 2007. I felt that I received a great treatment from a very dedicated and well-committed staff. The quality of treatment you gave me was second to none. It left me feeling fantastic for the rest of the week. I did regain my health and well-being and it is now up to me to keep it up. Once again, thank you, Krissi

~ Chris T, Chelmsford, UK

“ The most relaxing and peaceful experience I have ever had. One hour of pure bliss, Kristyna’s hands and energy are magic. ” 

~ Tinna Hawkins, Las Vegas, USA

“ I’ve been lucky enough to see Kristyna for 10 months. I appreciate everything you’ve done for Michael and me, we’re both truly grateful. You are amazing. ” 

Georgie Druce, London, UK